Thrower’s Barbell Complex

Thrower’s Barbell Complex

Good standing grapplers have combinations of throws that they can move into if the primary attack fails .If you’ve ever trained with someone who could see your throws coming and stuff them at the set up phase, then you know how demanding it can be to switch into multiple attempts in rapid fire (especially if he or she is larger). The barbell complex below is designed with that in mind, and also challenges the body to maintain multidirectional stability  to help you resist the asymmetrical forces at work on your spine when you are in this position, or in a position to resist the same stresses.

Repeat x5, looking to move right into the next exercise immediately. If you can do it without setting the weight down you get bonus points, but keep in mind that tripping on the bar with your hands attached to it is a recipe for a face plant. Set the bar down and shift into position like you are angling in on an opponent.

-RDL x5
-Front Squat x5
-Hack Squat x5
-Suitcase Deadlift x2-3
-Use a resistance that’s appropriate to you, but here’s a template: 75, 85, 95, 100, 100. Tempo is scaled to loading: move with explosive intent. This is not intended to be a maximal attempt, so work light enough to allow full completion.

Rest 1 minute after the first round, and add 20-30 seconds as load increases on subsequent rounds. Mix this into your training once a week every few weeks, or in the weeks before a competition or increase in training intensity. If you are already somewhat well conditioned, the metabolic adaptations can occur within the first two weeks. Quality of movement is equally important for structural adaptations- don’t sacrifice knee and spinal stability for the sake of simply cranking out reps.

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